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XXL Autoflower Mix

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3 Different XXL autoflowering seeds in one package! A dream comes true for outside dealers without commercial intentions. Grow your own medical cannabis. 3 Different flavours in 1 combi-pack with very good medicinal features!


nThe autoflowering seeds of the future are now available in a mix pack at Hy-Seeds. nThe mix pack contains the following 3 feminized XXL autoflower seeds: - Amnesia XXL - OG Kush XXL - Jack Widow XXL These autoflowering seeds bloom 1-2 weeks longer, but are bigger and have higher yields than their little sisters. It's the best outdoor autoflower! They are at their best in large pots (25 ltr or more) or in the open ground. If the soil is too hard, first dig a hole and fill it with potting soil for an optimal result. XXL autoflowers can reach heights of 180 cm and yields up to about 200 grams per strain. In addition, the quality is many times better than the regular outdoor cannabis. In short, with only a few cannabis seeds you can create your own yearly stock of (medical) cannabis! Tip: To avoid problems with justice, and in accordance with the policy of tolerance, it is advisable to plant not more than 5 strains at the same time!n

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