Big Amnesia x Blueberry Autoflower

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Hybrid, fruity taste, outdoor, high thc, XXL

Big Amnesia x Blueberry XXL autoflowering seeds, one of our new generation autoflowers that have a slightly longer flowering time, but in return generate huge yields.

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Big Amnesia x Blueberry Autoflower is the top of the bill when it comes to hybrides! This extra large autoflower has the genes of a sativa, indica and ruderalis. This is one of the latest generations auto flowering strains that have a longer growth and flowering cycle, which makes them grow a lot bigger.

In about 11 weeks, the Big Amnesia x Blueberry Autoflower has been transformed from  germinated seed into a full grown strain. This is still much faster than the 5 months' photoperiod of a general outdoor cannabis strain. It takes the strain 11 weeks to become 75 to 150 high with a yield of up to 150 grams of dry cannabis. As the name implies, we are talking about an XL crossing of Amnesia and Blueberry. Amnesia ensures an unprecedented effect and Blueberry provides a fruity bouquet of flavours, such as berries and flowers.

At a low dosage the this strain gives you a kind of euphoric cerebral and social effect, but on those who smoke more of it will have an even stronger impact. Medically Big Amnesia x Blueberry Autoflower brings relaxation and pain relief. It's a remedy for sleeping problems and the high THC percentage of Amnesia ensures great cannabis oil. It's an autoflower, which makes it reasonably fungal resistant. Therefore you can leave it outdoors for a little longer. The CBN percentage will increase and the cannabis will give an even greater relaxation to your body.


Gender ♀ Feminized
THC High
Genetics 40% Sativa / 40% Indica / 20% Ruderalis
Dominance Hybrid
Floweringtime 10 weeks
Height indoor 60-100 cm
Height outdoor 75 - 150 cm
Yield indoor 500 - 600 gram/m²
Yield outdoor 550 - 650 gram/m²
Fungal resistence Medium
Growersprofile Beginnner
Effect Euphoric, laughing, happy, relax, talkative
Medical benefits Depression, stress, insomnia
Sea of Green Suitable
SCROG Suitable

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