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Amnesia Lemon Kush

Hybrid, high thc, thc bomb, fresh-sour tast, must try

The quality of Hindu Kush and Amnesia come together in this super crossing! Amnesia Lemon Kush seeds produce compact and resinous buds. Sea of green is okay, but don't apply too many cannabis seeds per square metre. It only takes 9 to 16 cannabis seeds to get a fantastic yield within 10 weeks.

What you can expect: sticky buds which will blind you by glittering of THC-crystals, the Amnesia Lemon Kush is truly a THC Bomb.

Tier price:

Amount Price per seed Discount
1 7,00€
3 5,00€ 28%
5 4,00€ 43%
10 3,75€ 46%
15 3,50€ 50%
20 3,00€ 57%

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€20.00 Tax included
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The Amnesia Lemon Kush cannabis seeds are a result of crossing Amnesia Lemon and Hindu Kush. The yield is high, the aroma intense and pervasive. Indoor flowering takes about 10 weeks.  Amnesia Lemon Kush cannabis seeds produce hard, compact buds and remain fairly compact. By cutting the buds the height of the strain is controlable. It is advisable not to exceed 9-16 cannabis seeds per square metre. 


Gender ♀ Feminized
THC High
Genetics 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
Dominance Hybrid
Flowering time 10 weeks
Height indoor 80-130 cm
Height outdoor 100 - 150 cm
Yield indoor 450 - 550 gram/m²
Yield outdoor 500 - 600 gram/m²
Fungal resistance High
Growersprofile Moderate
Effect Creative, energetic, relax, uplifting
Medical benefits Stress, depression, pain
Sea of Green Suitable

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