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Hybrid, soft taste, Very high THC, euphoric, american strain

Gelato is a well known American strain which leaves every smoker drooling and hungry for more! This powerful strain has a very high THC level which means it's able to smash your brains out of your skull, it's a hard hitter that's for sure. Due to it's wonderful ability of shooting your brains into the universe it's very populair among coffeeshops in the Netherlands and Spain!

Tier price:

Amount Price per seed Discount
1 8,00€
3 7,00€ 12,5%
5 6,00€ 25%
10 5,00€ 37,5%
15 4,33€ 45%
€30.00 Tax included
Aantal zaden

Gelato is a cross between the most wanted Girl Scout Cookies x Sunset Sherbet. The qualities of Gelato are her sky-high THC levels, up to 25% but she produces very compact buds which are full of sweet citrus flavours

Because of her amazingly high THC level it's obvious that her buds are all glittery because of the THC crystals (trichomes). Gelato is able to stick to the wall as if true, the resin dripping from the buds is a mere wonder.

The yield is slightly less than the top yielders: Critical White & Powerplant, but gelato makes it up by produces dense buds full of terpens and a wonderful taste.


Gender ♀ Feminized
THC High
Genetics 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Dominance Hybrid
Floweringtime 8-9 weeks
Height indoor 60 - 90 cm
Height outdoor 70 - 110 cm
Yield indoor 350 - 450 gram/m²
Yield outdoor 375 - 475 gram/m²
Fungal resistence High
Growersprofile Advanced
Effect Relax, happy, euphoric
Medical benefits Stress, pain, depression
Sea of Green Suitable
SCROG Suitable

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